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DotTel on the Right Path 0


Telnic has successfully incorporated some of the Features DotTel Lack, which proves not only that Telnic listens to its users/community but also ready to take up the challenge. This update makes .Tel a viable solution for anyone who wants an internet presence that is secured and yet affordable.

On 4th March 2010, Telnic has updated it’s Tel proxy and the CTH hosting. There are a number of new and fantastic features that will help you customize your .tel site.

New .Tel Layout & Features

  • Ability to embed phptp/logo
  • Ability to change the background using selection of templates
  • Ability to have different graphics
  • Ability to enable Search Functionality
  • Ability to use custom icons for online services
  • Ability to embed Google Adsense Ads

However Telnic should consider

  • Replacing the full display of the URL with the use of Anchor text in place
  • Ability to enable or disable of “Learn More” link on the new .Tel layout (Disabled by Default)
  • Ability to enable or disable the “Manage Link” on the New .Tel Layout

Apart from the recent Telhosting update, DotTel domains are facing hosting issues like long delays in update propogation, errors in the Telhosting panel. Hopefully Telnic is in a position to resolve these new issues sooner.

Happy New Year 2010 0

I wish you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year

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