Visitors Stats [update]

Every year I release the information showing the visitors by region.

The reason behind tracking these stats is to improve my site accordingly.

So, here is the visitors stats by region for


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The top 8 regions are;

  • USA
  • China
  • Russian Federation
  • UK
  • India
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France



Note: This is purely to understand from which region I get more traffic so I can improve my website accordingly. I do not store visitors IP address.

PC Security Softwares – What to expect in 2011

Get an Exclusive look at the upcoming softwares for your PC

BitDefender Safego: BitDefender, few days back, launched Beta version of Safego application that protects its users beyond just the personal security to alert users personal information, safeguard content, safeguard from e-threats etc. This Beta launch of safego helps users experience safe social networking.

Using a simple interface, the safego checks if the user's personal information is visible to intruders or strangers. Added to this, it also scans for malicious links or content in the user's wall, emails, chat content, image sharing or videos.

Catalin Cosoi, BitDefender Online Threats Head, stated “It’s clear that a large number of people don’t understand how much personal information they’re sharing with the world. The BitDefender safego app makes it easy to identify what’s shared and make the necessary changes,Additionally, we’ve seen an increasing number of attacks targeted at the 500 million users of Facebook. Using our superior malware detection, the BitDefender safego app helps protect users from malicious links and other threats that spread through messages, wall posts and videos.”

The BitDefender safego app helps users get

  • 24/7 Protection: No matter if the users are logged in or not, the BitDefender safego protects Facebook accounts 24/7.
  • Privacy Protection: Users get warning messages to update their Facebook privacy setting so their information remains secured
  • Protection for Friends: Users can even warn their friends about the malicious links in Facebook accounts
  • Automatic Scanning: Clicking on "scan now" button lets users to view the snapshot of their Facebook security status.

Semantec: Norton 360 Version 5.0 Beta

Norton 360 Version 5.0 Beta recently released is now ready for download and testing!

Symantec Corp. recently announced the beta of Norton 360 version 5.0. This is now available to public for download. This is an all-in-one award winning premium security suite. The powerful security protection featured in Norton Internet Security 2011 was also incorporated into Norton 360 Beta. Apart from this, it has the Norton 'reputation based security' latest generation. In Dennis Labs third party test, it was awarded top in real world threat detection and exceptionally scored 100%, the only vendor with such score!

  • Download Insight: Helps to detect malware before downloading the product into the system.
  • SONAR 3: Provides zero-day protection from everyday intruders designed to pass up other security features.
  • Identity Protection: secures users private information from strangers.
  • Automatic Backup: Automatically backups system files for security purposes.
  • PC Tuneup: Tunes up your PC periodically to keep it up-to-date.

All these feature make Norton 360 version 5 a complete package and set and forget it package.

McAfee ePO 4.6 Beta 3

McAfee is proud to announce the new ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.6 Beta 3 with new features of increased scalability and manageability.


Deployment, Management and reporting are enabled in this new version of ePolicy Orchestrator. This is McAfee's centralized management console. With this console, companies can significantly gain control over the cost of managing security while adding up their enterprise's security status visible across their infrastructure.

Avast! Version 5.1

Avast will soon be releasing its new Avast! Version 5.1. This release includes the consumer editions and the business editions were planned to be released yet later when they are ready.

The consumer editions of Avast are

  • Avast! Free Anti-virus
  • Avast! Pro Anti-virus
  • Avast! Internet Security

Before the official release, you can find the product for download and testing. You can find the links in here for download:


Free AV:
Pro AV:

Though this Avast! Version 5.1.798/803 is a progress and has some add on compared to the previous versions, it still misses some of the behavior shield changes that will be added up in the next few days.


How to install it

Just run the setup executable (links above). You can either install it from scratch, or on top of an existing avast installation (installing over both or 4.8.yyy should be fine). A reboot will be required to complete the installation.

If you already have installed its previous version, you an simply download this new version by going into the Avast! UI and checking for updates.

The new features include:

  • Boot-time scanner for 64-bit OSes
  • Behavior Shield improvements – now with more sensors and able to detect exact offenders
  • Improved cleaning of infected computers
  • Improved anti-root kit engine – now capable of dealing with the latest TDL variants, for example Web Shield improvements (both stability and performance related)
  • Mail and Web Shields not hosted in separate NT services anymore, resulting in much faster starts
  • IS: new version of anti-spam engine
  • Sound packs


In the networked world, prevention and law enforcement may both prove to be insufficient in protecting the information from intruders;

Ultimately, we need an advanced move in dealing with the security issues that is making the intrusion possible even with all the tight security softwares around the PC.

However, the PC security companies should take advanced care in resolving these security issues successfully making it an "IMPOSSIBLE" task for all the intruders from unauthenticated access.

100 Iphone Apps for Developers & Designers

There are several alternatives and other options for some of these app types though I couldn't include all of them for then it would a mile long! I have listed all these picked by me from my self experience or the reviews i came across while searching for apps to make my job a bit easier as a developer ;).

Color Expert

Price: US $9.99

This app was developed to let designers and artists determine, interpret, get it and display color. As creativity strikes in any time, it is pretty beneficial to get this app and let it sit around your finger tips in iphone so you can grab and nail your design when and where required.


Lets Painting

Price: Free

Good for kids to keep them busy with paint and colors. They can picturize their favorite veg with various patters and multi colors and then name them over the prenamed vegetable available in the app.



FingerPaint pro

Price: US $1.24

This is similar to the Lets Painting Lite version except that this is finger painting. Load pictures form SD card or camera and then try to make it a puzzle. this supports gmail and picasa.



Price: US $7.99

If you are creative and get thoughts on the go where you cant put them into work, then you will probably benefit by installing this app. when you are not infront of your pc, Using ZeptoPad, designers can create vector images using just their finger tips. With the help of P2P access, the images can even be shared with all other zeptoPad buddies.



Price: 0.99¢

Whenever you need to keep log of your work hours just press the screen and you are done with it without distracting from what you are doing! so just one thing less to mess with!



Price: Free

Evernote as the name says it all, it helps you remember everything happening in your life extending your memory, from notes to snapshots to recordings all at one place and you can instantly watch it by syncing to your pc!


FTP on the Go

Price: US $6.99

FTP on the Go has more features than the FTP client you work with in your pc. This is meant for Iphone and Ipod Touch; This app allows you to maintain your website, fix bugs or do anything with file from anywhere in the world.


MiniBooks for FreshBooks

Price: US $14.99

With this app, you can just read any book you want from the popular web invoicing software Freshbooks. You can even manage your clients in the freshbooks account, record payments, deal with invoices, use timers. Even when you are off, you can still access your Freshbooks account from anywhere in the world.



Price: US $6.99

This is the premier app giving you access to Google Analytics on the go! No matter where you are, you can access your account whenever you need.



Price: US $3.99

Using myAnalytics you can connect to your Google Analytics account to access your sites statistics like site visits, average views per visit, bounce rate, pageviews, top 3 countries by visits and many more.


Google Places to Dominate Adwords Ads?

We all know what is Google Places for Business, but Google now showing the Google Places Map on the right hand side of the search results place. Exactly above the regular Adwords ads display section on right hand side (to the searcher).


Google places are a great source of relevant traffic to the business website. The new advantage of Google places is, the map actually scrolls down when you actually scrolls the page.. The Map floats over the adwords adverts, this feature actually enables the listed business to be available right on sight of the searcher.


Looks like Google is pushing it's business listings to gain more attention (should I say traffic) over paid advertisers..



7 Essential IPhone Apps for DIY Projects

With the vast choice of apps available for your iPhone, it’s difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for something to meet your specific needs. I was checking out the range of apps for my do-it-yourself needs and came up with a long list of options. I narrowed my choice down to the following essential DIY apps which are ideal for painters, plumbers, designers, constructors and home improvement fanatics (like me).

Handyman Sidekick

The Handyman Sidekick is a useful little app for carrying out the calculations you need for painting, flooring, wallpapering and gardening projects. If you need to know how much paint you’ll need or how many tiles will be enough without going over budget, enter your measurements and hit the calculate tab. The Handyman Sidekick will do the math. The Handyman Sidekick also contains a flashlight app so you won’t be stuck in the dark. This app is useful for having all the calculator tools in the same place but one review mentions it’s a bit pricey for what you get.


Convert Units for Free


The Convert Units for Free app does exactly what you’d expect – converts units for zero cents. It also offers custom conversions if you want more flexibility in your home improvement calculations. There are 13 ready-made categories of conversion – angle, area, data, energy, force etc – but you can create your own if you don’t see what you’re looking for. The interface is user-friendly and you don’t need a mathematics degree to handle the programs.


Convert Aid

This conversion app is no-frills – simple and easy to use. No flashiness, just basic categories for converting units of measurement in five categories, distance, volume, area, weight, velocity and temperature. This app will be handy as a pocket aid but it won’t do much for your complex home improvement or construction projects.


iHandy Carpenter

If you’re looking for more gadgets for your virtual tool box, the iHandy Carpenter provides five of them to help you on your construction projects. Handy tools include the plumb bob to measure the verticality of walls, a surface level to level flat surfaces, a bubble level, steel protractor and steel ruler with inches and centimeters. Reviews say “great for quick reference when checking a job,” “the ruler is useless but the level is super cool” and “very useable app.”


Home Sizer

Are you working on a large project such as designing a home or remodeling your house? If so, use the Home Sizer app to estimate and measure the size of your home and calculate the area of individual rooms and the usable square footage. Add notes to each room to keep track of your ideas. Once you’ve added everything up you can calculate the value of your home and estimate your monthly mortgage payments with the mortgage calculator. Add rooms, remove rooms, change the size of the kitchen and watch your estimated mortgage payments rise and fall. One review says “I like the new look, after the update. I like the ability to now not only design my home size but get some idea what it might cost or be worth. Thanks for making it easier to get to the room pick list. I use that function a lot. ”



When it’s time to add a little color to your construction and home improvement projects, use the Palettes app to create and save color schemes. Grab colors from websites and photos and find matching colors to form your own personalized color palette to use for room design and home decorating.


Concrete Calculator Pro

This iPhone app features four tabs to calculate the amount of concrete you need for a job, whether it’s a square floor or a tube or circle, and the cost based on your depth and area. You can also convert the measurements to bags of concrete, making it easy to know just how much you need to order to get the job done.


Social Media Marketing for Business

Marketing is the key ingredient for a successful business. Thus doing it in cost effective way is a burning challenge to all the marketing managers out there since the more cost effective  the marketing strategy is, the more is the Return on Investment.

Despite the conventional marketing methods, businesses benefit more from the cost effective online marketing methods. Apart from various online marketing strategies, social media marketing plays a vital role in benefiting your business provided used in a proper way!

Many business owner are still not aware of the benefits of a social media marketing which is why I often posed with questions from clients, the common questions being

I often come across different type of questions from clients, the common questions I get to answer are;

what do i get from social media marketing?
what are the benefits of doing social media marketing?
How many hours should i put in to promote my business?
what if people talk bad about my company?


Before knowing the benefits of social media marketing for business, lets see some statistical data of social media sites.


According to recent Facebook press announcement, Facebook statistics are;

  • More than 500 million active users
  • 50% of these active users log on to Facebook every day, so roughly that equates to 250 million users
  • An average user has 130 friends


 The highest number of Facebook users (country-wise) are nicely visualized in the below chart.


The following are the estimated Twitter stats based on comscore.

  • More than 80 million global users
  • Generating more than 60 million tweets a day.

The highest percent of Twitter users (country-wise) are nicely visualized in the below pie-chart.


Blogs are the best way to keep your target audience updated on your products, services or even about your business as a whole.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

The above statistics shows how many millions of users use these sites and how potential are these networks for a business to grow. These social media sites can help your business in

  • Increasing the exposure
  • Branding
  • Knowing your target audience (Start-a-dialog, Interact & Engage)
  • Increase the Relevant traffic, leads/sales
  • Increase ROI (cost effect marketing)
  • Building community around business

[pullquote]Marketers indicated that blogs were the top area in which they planned to increasing their social efforts – Michael A. Stelzner[/pullquote]

Understanding the importance of social media does not get your business the benefits. You need to learn the right way of promoting through social media marketing.


First things first, you need to learn which social media site to begin your marketing. You do not want to hit the tough road right at the start of your marketing.

Do a your research;

  • Based on demographics of the social media sites, you can identify the consumer group and know if a particular site has your target consumer group.
  • Know from your existing customers, you can get such information using feedback forms (add this in your regular feedback form along with email id).
  • Online surveys can help you gather this information.

The better you understand your target group, the better you have the chance and ability to serve them.For instance, your research tells that majority of your target audience use Facebook and only few others use twitter & 80% of the local people visit local news/entertainment blog.

With such information you can decide from where to start your social media marketing, ie. from Facebook in this instance.

Reach & Focus

Create your company/business profile(s) in the selected social site(s). Let your regular customers know that you have your business profile on these social network site. Invite your existing customers for friends. Target only those whom you believe are your target audience. Reaching the right audience is key here.

Have your focus on your goals and do not make your business profile a personal profile. You should interact with your network friends/fans/followers but should maintain your focus on your goals. Business should staff those who believe in social media and who does not loose their business focus.

Communication & Consistency

Make sure your objective is making more and more sales. Do not sound like a robot or a sales pitch, start a dialog, reply to your network friends/fans & engage. Make sure you maintain the consistency in updating your profile, either it's Facebook, Twitter or your company blog. Consistent transfer of information is very important to keep your social network fans/friends interested and entertained. This does not mean you just send automated updates or sound like a robot.

[pullquote]Social media marketing is an opportunity to increase or better your company image as in whole – Vinod[/pullquote]


Attract your network friends/fans by

  • Replying or commenting on their updates
  • Giveaways/Discounts
  • Special Coupons
  • Sharing interesting news
  • Be creative and not just copy others

Build community but not with increasing just the friends/fans in numbers. Successful social media marketing depends on how effective the response is from your network friends/fans and how influential you are in the network.

Try to be responsive and responsible as a business, you should be ready to handle any customer's negative feedback. If a genuine case, you address it and get it sorted. Ignoring social media marketing just because you are worried about negative feedback is just like a "bad business wanting good feedback". Businesses can be successful if you aim at customer satisfaction.


Be realistic! if your company has a negative image offline, then you cannot expect an over night image change for just being on social media/networks. If you want to be benefited from your social media marketing, then you should be ready to serve those negative feedback customers and turn them to positive, this is an opportunity to your business – utilize it.

Manage & Promote

Managing your social media profile is very important. Delayed response to a query does not really give a good impact. Always protect your profile from spam. There are tools that can help you in managing these tasks. Last but not the least, promote your business profile on regular basis to gain target audience and build your community.


Ziio Android Based Tablet Launched in UK


iiO android tablets were launched in London on 2nd November by Creative, to modest applause. Creative with its ZiiO android tablets aims to push entertainment and mobile computing forward with a super-compact portable device you’ll love to play with. But does the ZiiO android tablet cut it? Is it smart enough and playful enough to compete with the iPad?
Ziio Android-based Tablet
Ziio Android based Tablet by Creative

Well, the specs are certainly juicy. Creative ZiiO android tablets come in 7-inch and 10-inch versions and run the Android 2.1 OS. The gadget promises top-notch sound through the Pure Android Audio application which gives X-Fi and apt-X oomph – the X-Fi Crystalizer makes up for detail lost in CD ripping and the X-Fi Expand technology makes your games more lifelike and your music clearer. Of course, Creative ZiiO android tablets boast Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy wireless sound on the move through compatible Bluetooth headphones and it’s not limited to music – pick out a movie, browse the Internet or play games and it’ll sound good too.

The ZiiO android tablet boasts a front-facing camera, a built in microphone and a handy microSD card slot. Input comes from a mini USB and 3.5 stereo jacks. Plus GPS and FM radio if you’re not already gadgetted-out. In terms of processor speed, you’ll bag a Creative processor but the speed is still being optimized. Battery time looks like being around 10 hours of mixed use or 25 hours of music. But the screen is a sticking point for some users. The resistive touchscreen is unlikely to set the world on fire and the image – 800 x 480 pixel resolution on the 7-inch version – won’t win prizes. The resistive touchscreen just isn’t as responsive as the more expensive versions.

Of course, the ZiiO android tablet also does what other android tablets do best – thanks to Wi-Fi compatibility built in. You can surf the net, shop online, send emails and update your Facebook while lounging on the sofa, walking the dog or sitting in a café. Back at home, link the ZiiO android tablet to your HDTV for impactful viewing. It’s certainly light and it looks flashy, although the black and white color choices are not exactly inspiring. At 13.7mm in width, you’ll be able to comfortably hold it.

Does the ZiiO android tablet measure up in terms of price? The gadget is available in 8GB and 16GB versions and comes in at around £199 for the 8GB version and £219 for the 16GB. The 10-inch screen ZiiO android tablet will set you back around £249 or £300 for the 16GB. Set some money aside to shop for apps, games and books at the Creative ZiiStore. The price for this pair of portable friends is around half that of the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Pad, a key advantage if you’re keen on keeping your cash in your pocket.

With the abundance of options available in the mobile computing market, does the world need another nifty handheld device? I guess the proof is in the playing. If it works, it’s got a place. If the technology is lacking, it could turn into just another gadget burning a hole in your pocket. The Creative ZiiO android tablet can be yours in December 2010. Will you be playing?

Iphone 5 better than Windows Phone 7?

Although there is currently no official release date, the iPhone 5 is already one of the most hotly-discussed pieces of technology soon to be on the market. You may want to put money on the iPhone 5 being available in summer 2011 – late June or early July in true Apple style. But one rumor has it the iPhone 5 will be released sooner than planned in order to bury bad publicity generated from the existing iPhone 4’s antenna issues. You probably know all about that – the stainless steel casting of the iPhone 4 acts as the mobile’s antenna which experts believed would increase reception. But some users experienced a downer with poor signal strength and dropped calls.

However, the iPhone 4 remains a highly popular buy despite any technological problems and its antenna issue doesn’t look like a big enough reason to bring forward the launch of the iPhone 5. Will the iPhone 5 rock your world or simply be the same as the iPhone 4? The iPhone 5 will likely have many similarities to the revolutionary iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 was designed to be 34 percent thinner than previous models, although it is heavier. The size of the iPhone 5 will most likely match the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 has a powerful processor and uses less power than original iPhones, meaning the battery life is longer – Apple believes you get 40 percent more time to talk on the phone than you’d enjoy with other iPhones.

In terms of appearance, the iPhone 5 will no doubt look the same as the iPhone 4 – all tough black glass and sleek stainless steel to fit the style of the Apple brand. The touch-screen will remain and it’s unlikely quality will drop from the high definition that users of the iPhone 4 currently enjoy. The camera, which on the iPhone 4 has five megapixels and a movement tracker built in, will remain or be improved. The facility for video calling was the most important new feature in the iPhone 4 and currently works by sending images to another iPhone 4 by Wi-Fi. The iPhone 5 may have 3G facilities for broadcasting these images.

So how will the iPhone 5 be different from the iPhone 4? Will you be picking up a clone with a higher price tag? The iPhone 5 will likely make use of the same specs as the iPhone 4, yet with added memory, a faster processor and extra storage facility. Added features could include a larger screen. The number of apps available for the new iPhone 5 will likely be increased and you’ll be able to take your pick from a wider range of features. The iPhone 5 could come with a different antenna and may boast a digital wallet for use as a credit or debit card. This feature would be enabled through Near Fields Communication (NFC) technology. Near Fields Communication, a high-frequency wireless ability, allows remote computing by facilitating a data exchange between two mobile gadgets. NFC is primarily designed for mobile payments but it also has potential for moving settings and applications – like bookmarks, passwords and preferences – from your PC to your mobile device and storing them for use on the move.

What about the cash question? Commentators expect the iPhone 5 to be similarly priced to the iPhone 4 as the new gadget is more of an upgrade than a revolutionary new product. Many consumers with iPhone 3GS are holding off buying an iPhone 4 with the expectation that the iPhone 5 will be the purchase of the future, a purchase you may be able to make sooner rather than later.